Aquastrength Gift Guide

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Christmas is almost here, which means so is the beginning of setting all those New Years resolutions! Why not give a gift that can help the ones you love reach those health and fitness goals for 2016? 

 Aquastrength has a range of Aquatic resistance programs and equipment designed to suit all ages and abilities, regardless of their fitness goals. Here are a few gift ideas to help you finish off the last of your shopping. But hurry - all orders must be placed no later than midnight Wednesday December 16th to ensure delivery in time for Christmas! 

The Perfect gift for Mum:

Is your Mum wanting to improve her overall fitness in the new year? Hoping to get back into her running? Why not give her a pair of AQx training shoes - perfect for deep water running, aqua jogging and to be used in conjunction with any aquatic fitness program. Not only do the AQx training shoes enhance range of motion and the proper mechanics of land-based running, but they help activate more muscle groups and burn more calories! These shoes will help Mum reach her goals in no time!

The Perfect Gift For Dad:

Most Dad's promise to get back into shape for the New Year, but if Dad hates the gym it can be a tough ask. Why not order him the Aquastrength Total Body Bundle? These Aquastrength Bells and Fins are bound to give him the ultimate workout and improve his overall fitness. Better yet, they can be used in the comfort of his own pool! He can even continue to use the same set of equipment as his fitness level improves by simply increasing the time and intensity of each exercise!

The Perfect Gift For Your Brother or Sister:

Is your brother or sister looking for a new way and exciting way to train? Do they hate rest days and wish there was a way they could continue to challenge themselves without taking a day off from the gym? The Aquastrength Barbell Bundle will make for the perfect gift! Whether they are wanting to improve upper body strength, core strength and stability or overall power, agility and endurance the barbell bundle won't disappoint! It's perfect for cross-training and can also be used for an active recovery session. 

The Perfect Gift for your Grandparents: 

Buying for your Grandparents can be hard, after all you can only buy them chocolate, bubblebath and photo-frames so many times, right?! Aquastrength equipment and programs are the perfect way to help senior citizens improve their balance and mobility. Working on their functional fitness will help them stay fit and active and have them performing their daily tasks with ease. Exercising in the water significantly reduces the stress on their joints, bones and muscles, making it a very safe and effective way to train. Why not try and order a set of Aquastrength Bells or Fins to get them started. 

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