How To Grow Your Client Base & Earn More As A Personal Trainer

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Are you a fitness professional looking for a way to differentiate and stand out from other trainers in the industry? Or simply wanting to offer your clients the latest evidence based training techniques and keep them motivated with something different? Here is how you can grow your business by becoming an approved Aquastrength Trainer.
1. Cater For New clients:
The Aquastrength system has been designed to cater for a wide range of people of different ages and abilities. It is suitable for elite level athletes working on conditioning, fitness fanatics looking for a different way of cross-training right through to elderly clients or those who are overweight and looking for a low impact alternative. By becoming an approved Aquastrength trainer it will not only allow you to offer your existing clients a new and exciting way of training, but it will help you cater for an entirely new group of clients. 
Regardless of their ability, the Aquastrength exercises will help you train your clients muscles to work together, improving their overall functional fitness.  
Better yet, the water puts the client in control. They harder they push, the harder the water will push back. This means you can have clients of totally different levels in the water, using the same equipment, and performing the same exercise and you can be confident that they are both benefiting from a great workout.  
2. Bring Back Old Clients:
In addition to being able to target an entirely new group of clients, becoming an Aquastrength trainer will also allow you to bring back old clients who may have left the gym or stopped training due to an injury. 
Exercising in the water significantly reduces the stress on your joints, bones and muscles because of waters unloading property of buoyancy. This is a very safe and effective way to exercise and allows people with injuries to start performing exercises much sooner and with less discomfort.  Staying stable in the water challenges your core, balance and sports specific activities can begin much earlier than they can on land. The range of Aquastrength equipment allows you to easily progress or regress exercises to ensure you have your clients working at the appropriate level.

 3. Design & Run Your Own Programs / Classes:
Upon completion of the Aquastrength Professional Training Course you will not only be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skill to train your clients using the range of Aquatic workout programs, but you will be able to design your own programs or classes to suit the needs of those you train. 

From running a total body program, a class that focuses on core strength and stability or speed, power and agility, right through to special pre or post natal classes, there are so many directions you can go with the Aquastrength system. It is waiting for you to put your mark on it! 

 4. Opportunity To Grow Your Career With Aquastrength: 

Becoming an approved Aquastrength Trainer also offers plenty of growth opportunity as we are always on the lookout for exceptional trainers to join the team as an Aquastrength Master Trainer to help train other fitness professionals and get them set up as approved trainers. 


So if you are a fitness professional that wants to change the way people workout in the water and grow your client base by offering the latest evidence based training techniques, register for our Professional Training Course today! We have classes coming up in New Jersey, Dallas and Vancouver, but spaces are filling up fast so be sure to fill out a registration form to ensure you don't miss out! 

The Aquastrength Professional Training Course is a 1 day certification that is approved by NASM, ACE, BOC, AEA and BCRPA.

If you are interested in hosting an Aquastrength Professional Training Course please email us at [email protected] 

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