6 Reasons Why People Love Aquastrength Fins

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Aquastrength Fins are loved by people all over the world, of all ages and abilities for many reasons, but here are the top 6!

  1. Increased Resistance WITHOUT the impact

    Aquastrength Fins are the perfect way to add resistance and increase the intensity of any aquatic workout without the harmful impact.  They can be used in conjunction with any Aquastrength workout, or added to your regular aqua class when you feel like you need a challenge.  They are the perfect way for trainers to progress their clients as they become fitter and stronger and give users piece of mind that they aren't putting any unnecessary impact on their joints. 

  2. Use on your ankle OR your forearm 

    The Aquastrength Fins are extremely versatile and can be attached to the ankle for increased lower body resistance or can attach to your forearm to work your upper body.

  3. Perfect for Aqua walking & jogging

    If you love aqua jogging or walking, these are the perfect addition to make for a more challenging, more efficient workout. They can be used in shallow water, or in conjunction with a floatation belt for a challenging deep water running session!

  4. Control the level of Resistance 

    The Aquastrength fins will ensure you never hit a plateau again. The 4 blade design provides resistance in all directions and allows the user to control the level at which they work. Quite simply, the harder you push, the harder the workout, so you never need to worry about losing momentum with your training. 

    The same pair of fins can be used by a beginner who is just starting their fitness journey, right through to a high performance athlete.

  5.  Comfortable

    Comfort was definitely not sacrificed when designing the Aquastrength Fins. The neoprene sleeve reduces any rubbing and the velcro straps allow for them to be worn nice and snug so that they do not move or come loose during a workout Customers also love the fact that the fins do not affect your gate pattern when working out, allowing for optimum performance and proper form! 

  6. Extended life 

    When properly cared for, Aquastrength Fins will last you a long time, however just like good running shoes get worn out after lots of use, the neoprene and velcro can break down over time with continued usage and exposure to chlorine.The good news is, rather than having to replace the entire set of fins like you do when foam equipment breaks down, you can grab yourself a fin maintenance kit for less than $20 and simply replace the neoprene and velcro, making them as good as new!
So there you have it, regardless of your age, ability or fitness goal, the Aquastrength Fins are a must have piece of equipment for your tool box! Use the discount code "6REASONS" to save 10% on your own pair of Fins. 

Aquastrength Fins  

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