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Aquastrength offer a wide range of commercial packs for gyms and health clubs. If you can’t see what you are looking for, or want advice on the best solution for your club, send us an email for a customized solution: [email protected]


Aquastrength offers a Professional Training Course designed for Personal Trainers and Fitness Professionals.

Aquastrength helps gyms and health clubs across the globe deliver world-class functional fitness programs to their members that focus on improving strength, balance, mobility and sports performance. They are changing the perception of aquatics and enoucaging members to turn to the pool as a first choice and not a last resort.

The Aquastrength Professional Training Program will give you and your trainers the essential knowledge and applied practical experience to help you create dynamic, fun and functional aquatic training programs for individuals and groups, of all ages and fitness levels.

Being an Aquastrength approved trainer will help you bring another dimension of fitness to your existing clients, and also help you cater for new clients to grow your business.

Earning CEU’s:

The Aquastrength Professional Training Course is approved by:

0.8 CEU's
0.9 CEU’s
8 CEU’s
Fitness Australia: 
6 CEU’s
8 CEU’s


The Aquastrength system is ideal for group fitness classes! The equipment can be used by all ages and abilities. The harder they push, the harder the workout will be, making it easy for Group Fitness Instructors to run a quality workout for the entire class! With just 3 pieces of equipment you can work the upper body, lower body, core and focus on rotary stability. The exercise variations are endless which means so are the classes you can run! HIIT, Boot camp, Circuit, Core, MMA, Boxing… you name it!

Our Group Fitness Course will equip Fitness Professionals with the essential knowledge and applied practical experience to run Aquastrength Group Fitness Classes at their club. The course includes a comprehensive lab session that covers 2 x Group Fitness programs that instructors will be able to implement into their clubs upon completion of the training as well as teaches program design so they can customise a class specific to the demographics of your club. Upon completion of the Aquastrength Group Fitness Course instructors will be able to:

  • Understand the properties of water to be able to utilize them to maximize client benefit
  • Understand the effects that water has on influencing flexibility, strength/stability, power, speed, agility, cardiovascular endurance and muscle soreness
  • Be able to safely and correctly utilize all Aquastrength equipment in this program and cue appropriately for alignment and stabilization during all instructed exercises
  • Be able to run 2 x Aquastrength Group Fitness Programs at their club based upon the qualities, philosophies and principles learned in this course

The Aquastrength Group Fitness Course is now available online! You can also enquire about hosting a live course at your facility.

Earning CEC's

Earn 7 CECs with AEA when you successfully complete the Aquastrength Group Fitness Online Course.

To train clients using the Aquastrength system you must be a certified Personal Trainer, have your AED and adhere to any requirements your facility has for aquatic instructors.