Walking IN Water

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Whilst walking on water may be not be possible, walking in water is and comes with many benefits. 

As the outdoor temperatures climb, why not consider taking your daily walks to the water. Not only will it help keep you nice and cool, but it will help you burn more calories too! While it may sound easy enough, walking up and down the pool provides more resistance than walking on land and is sure to get your heart rate up in no time. 


One of the keys to proper water walking is to maintain a proper upright posture. It is very common to lean too far forward when initially beginning a water walking program. Try to keep a good posture by engaging the core muscles and start slowly by performing opposite arm and leg motions. It may seem very easy but in the water because of buoyancy, viscosity and drag your body functions much differently and coordination can be a challenge. Don't get frustrated, practice makes perfect!

Once you get comfortable with the walking pattern you can challenge yourself more by increasing speed, time, change of direction and intensity. Start by increasing the pace on every third or fourth lap and aim to introduce these laps more frequently. By alternating between short and fast laps, and long and steady laps you will improve your overall fitness level, burn more calories and keep yourself motivated. 

Challenge yourself by adding resistance and varying intensity:

As you get more comfortable with technique and speed, you can continue to challenge yourself by increasing resistance. AQx Training shoes are a great way to add more resistance, improve technique and mimic the same muscle recruitment used on land. The strategically placed series of hydrodynamic fins have been proven to add 20-30% more resistance to leg movement patterns in the water. 

If you are looking to take things to the next level, and add even more resistance, try wearing some Aquastrength fins to create even more drag. 

Keep things interesting:  

One of the great things about being in the water is that you can use it many different ways to help keep things interesting and avoid hitting a plateau. As your fitness levels improve, why not try Aqua jogging or deep water running? It provides an excellent workout just like running on land, but without the harmful wear and tear. Or try an Aquatic workout designed to improve speed and power. Here are a few examples of different exercises that can be found in Aquastrength's Speed, Power, Agility workout. Give them a go for yourself to feel just how challenging the water can be! 

High Knee Walk:
Walking Backwards: 


Side Shuffles:

Side Lunges:
Side lunges

Skater Jumps:
Skater jumps

So next time you head out for your walk, do a few laps around your local pool instead of the block and feel the benefits for yourself! 

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