Christmas Countdown: Aquastrength Power Swing

Posted by Jane Diack on

As we count down the last week before Christmas, we will be sharing a new Aquastrength exercise for you to try each day to help keep you fit and healthy during what is usually a week of over-indulging!

Today, we want you to try the Aquastrength Power Swing. To perform this exercise you will need an Aquastrength Total Body Bundle.

Please follow the below tips from Dr Rick McAvoy when performing this exercise:

  • Stand on One Leg 
  • Opposite Arm and Leg Motion
  • Keep Arm/Leg Straight
  • Keep Core/Buttocks Tight

Start by carrying out the exercise for 45 - 60 seconds, then as you get the movement pattern and feel stronger, increase to 90 seconds and incorporate a 10-15 second burst at the end to help get your heart rate up. Complete 2 - 3 sets. 


For more exercises like this, check out the Aquastrength Cardio Burn Program!


*As with all new exercises, we recommend consulting with your health care professional before starting something new.

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