Christmas Countdown: Aquastrength Push / Pull with Squat

Posted by Jane Diack on

As we count down the last week before Christmas, we will be sharing a new Aquastrength exercise for you to try each day to help keep you fit and healthy during what is usually a week of over-indulging!

Today we want you to try the Aquastrength push pull with squat. To perform this exercise you will need a set of Aquastrength Bells.

When performing this exercise, ensure you follow the below tips from Dr Rick McAvoy: 

  • Open Stance 
  • Bells in Towards Chest
  • Squat and Push Bells Out
  • Stand and Pull Bells In

Start by carrying out the exercise for 45 - 60 seconds, then as you get the movement pattern and feel stronger, increase to 90 seconds and incorporate a 10-15 second burst at the end to help get your heart rate up. Complete 2 - 3 sets. 

For more exercises like this, check out the Aquastrength Cardio Burn Program!

*As with all new exercises, we recommend consulting with your health care professional before starting something new.

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