Aquastrength Christmas Countdown: Lawnmowers

Posted by Jane Diack on

As we enter a week of pre-christmas celebrations with friends and end of year work functions it's easy to feel like all your hard work has gone out the window, but it's important to remember it is so much harder to let yourself go and spend months catching up, then it is to stay on top of your exercise regime when it counts! Mix your workouts up this week to prevent yourself from getting bored, try out the range of Aquastrength exercises we have been sharing in our countdown to Christmas! 

Todays exercise from Dr Rick McAvoy is the Aquastrength Lawn Mowers!

To perform this exercise you will need a set of Aquastrength Bells.

When performing this exercise, ensure you follow the below tips:

  • Feet Shoulder Width Apart
  • Core Tight/Don’t Twist
  • Rotate From Hips
  • Squat and Push Bell Down
  • Stand and Pull Bell
  • Alternate Sides


Start by carrying out the exercise for 45 - 60 seconds, then as you get the movement pattern and feel stronger, increase to 90 seconds. Complete 2 - 3 sets. 

For more exercises like this, check out the Aquastrength Cardio Burn program! 


*As with all new exercises, we recommend consulting with your health care professional before starting something new.

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