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Long gone are the days where Aquatic exercise was perceived to be a group of elderly women performing aerobics. 

You only need to take a look at some of the professional sports teams and athletes to see how beneficial training in the water can be. For years, rugby teams, netballers, tennis players and other competitors have been incorporating aquatic resistance training into their regime to improve their performance.

Depending on the goal of the athlete, aquatic resistance training can be used for strength, flexibility and power, among many other effects. Below are some of the reasons athletes rely on Aquatic Resistance training to optimize their performance, and why you should too!

Cross Training:

Because the water has buoyancy and reduces the influence of gravity, it makes athletes feel lighter and move easier, helping improve dynamic flexibility. Water also has viscosity and creates resistance, just like weights do in the gym, but without putting any additional stress on your joints, making it a safer way to train with less eccentric muscle forces and reduced muscle soreness.

Multi-directional Resistance:

Aquatic workouts provide resistance in every direction of a movement, as opposed to land based workouts that only provide one form of resistance. This is hugely beneficial to athletes as it strengthens their muscles in the motions that translate to their sport specific activity.


The water is also great for Plyometrics, also knowns as "jump training." These are exercises where muscles exert maximum force in short periods of time, helping athletes improve both speed and power. Performing these exercises in the water give athletes the opportunity for an explosive workout, without the harmful impact, meaning athletes can work harder for longer, with less risk of injury.

Active Recovery:

Water exerts hydrostatic pressure across the entire body, delivering a feeling of compression and support for the athlete, allowing them to exercise for longer whilst enhancing recovery on muscle soreness after training.

With Aquastrength's range of programs and equipment you too can train like an athlete and experience the benefits that come from aquatic resistance training. Check out our total body workout, suitable for all ages and fitness levels. 

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