Improve Your Golf Swing With Aquatic Training

Posted by Jane Diack on

With the 2015 Masters underway, golfers across the globe are watching the pros to see what tips they can pick up and booking tee times to work on perfecting their game. 

All golfers want to get the longest distance and straightest direction from their swing and like anything, practice makes perfect. I am are sure you have all tried various drills, or gone out and bought the latest "high-tech" driver that promises to add distance to your shots. But have you considered cross-training?

Each person has their own style, but in order to be a well-balanced golfer you need flexibility, coordination, rotary stability and power. Through functional training, all golfers can train their muscles to swing the club faster, without losing control. 

To achieve the perfect swing, you don't necessarily need to be on the fairway. Whilst water is generally considered a hazard on the course, in this case, it could be just what you are looking for.

Because of waters unique properties golfers are able to gain feedback in a three dimensional environment which allows more proprioceptive and kinaesthetic feedback.

Aquatic training can go a long way in helping your game, by increasing your range of motion and improving your flexibility, coordination and power. 



If you train your muscles to work together and improve your flexibility and coordination, you will find you are able to improve your swing. Aquastrength will soon be releasing a special golf-conditioning program designed to help golfers of all ages and abilities achieve optimal performance. Sign up for our newsletter for exclusive updates

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