6 Reasons why you need to take your workout to the water:

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In case you missed the memo, it seems Grandma has been one step ahead of you in her training for a while now. Training in the water boasts many benefits to people of all ages and abilities, which is why world class sports teams and athletes have also been doing it for decades and reaping the rewards. Aquastrength is not only changing the way people workout with their resistance equipment, but changing the way people see Aquatic fitness in general. We think it is about time you join Grandma in the pool and take advice from the likes of Muhammad Ali, Cristiano Ronaldo and Usain Bolt, here's why:


  1. Control the level at which you work:

    Regardless of your age or fitness level, the properties of water allow you to control the level at which you work. Think of the pool like a self adjusting weight machine. When you incorporate Aquatic Resistance equipment from Aquastrength into your workout, the harder you push, the harder the water will push back, which makes it safe and easy to progress or regress exercises as you need. Start with your body weight and slowly add more resistance.  

  2. Improve Strength:

    Water can be 500 - 800 times more supportive than air, but up to 15 times more resistant. Therefore working out in the water gives you the support to reduce unnecessary pounding on your body, but the resistance also provides a proper training effect and improve strength.

    The Aquastrength system is a very efficient way to work on balanced muscle strength as it gives you the ability to work two opposing muscle groups with each repetition. Due to the resistance the water provides on the lengthening and shortening phase of the muscle. the Aquastrength equipment helps enhance strength and dynamic flexibility simultaneously. Having resistance in multiple directions builds balanced muscle strength and also helps reduce the risk of injury. 

  3. Lose Weight:

    Aquatic exercise is ideal for those who are wanting to lose weight, in-fact, being in the water literally takes a weight off your shoulders. When performing exercises chest deep in water, you only weigh 30% of your total body weight making you feel lighter, and allowing you to perform exercise easier. A typical 30 minute Aquastrength workout can burn up to 300 calories. Because the water provides 360 degrees of resistance, even just walking up and down the pool can help you burn more calories than you would on land, throw on a pair of AQx shoes or Aquastrength Fins and you will burn even more! 

  4. Recovery: 

    Research shows that light-intensity aquatic exercise with minimal impact stress or weight bearing, combined with the hydrostatic pressure of the water, can have enhanced recovery on muscle soreness after training. 

    Additionally, b
    ecause of the waters unique properties there are much less eccentric muscle contractions occurring in the water as opposed to land-based training. Water is primarily a positive only (concentric) resistance medium. When moving an object through the water, once the muscle ceases to contract, the water does not apply force against the muscle. This creates many advantages but most importantly, it eliminates the DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) that is associated with eccentric loading from typical land-based training, meaning you won't experience that same muscle pain and can jump straight back into the pool for more training without risking injury. 


  5. Improve Mobility:

    Everyone has different fitness goals, whether it is to deadlift more, run a marathon or simply be able to run around with their kids without getting short of breath. Regardless of what it is your are working towards, improving your mobility is going to help you get there. Without good mobility you are likely have poor form and as a result recruit the wrong muscles or simply function less efficiently. Aquastrength has a range of programs and equipment that have been designed to help improve mobility, range of motion and flexibility - whilst at the same time providing an efficient workout. This will go a long way in helping improve your technique and overall performance in whatever it is you want to do.

  6. Cross-Train & Improve Performance:

    Aquatic Resistance Training one of the best ways to cross-train and prepare for your sports specific activities. Being able to improve your strength, mobility and endurance without the harmful impact that comes with land-based training means you can challenge yourself and improve performance without the risk of unnecessary wear and tear, leaving you fighting fit and ready that football match, marathon or CrossFit competition! 

    So there you have it, Grandma really does know best... at least she did when it came to finding a safe, efficient and fun place to train. Grab some Aquatic resistance equipment and take the plunge. Your only regret will be not starting sooner! 

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