4 Ways to Improve CrossFit Performance With Aquastrength

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As the 2015 CrossFit games finish, CrossFitters everywhere are more motivated than ever to push themselves and improve performance! Whether you are new to CrossFit or an elite athlete competing regularly, here are 4 reasons why you should incorporate Aquastrength into your training regime. 

Image from The CrossFit Games.

Improved Mobility and Flexibility:
All good CrossFit coaches will tell you how crucial it is to work on your mobility and flexibility when it comes to improving your performance as a CrossFit athlete. Whilst foam rolling and stretching is great - doing this for 10 minutes before and after class may not give you the results you are after. You need to find your sticky points and have a program to work on them, regularly. Whilst CrossFit is all about functional movements, without a strong base level of mobility, you won't be able to perform even the simplest of movements correctly. It isn't just about how heavy you can go, but about being in the right position. Aquastrength has a range of programs and equipment that have been designed to help improve mobility, range of motion and flexibility - whilst at the same time providing an efficient workout. This will go a long way in helping improve your technique and overall performance as a CrossFitter.

Active Recovery & Cross training:
There is one thing all CrossFitters tend to have in common, and that is they HATE rest days. Their news feeds are generally filled with memes about how much they despise taking days off and their time spent out of the gym is generally spent day dreaming of their next WOD. The beauty about Aquastrength is that it can be performed on rest days to help CrossFitters work on balance, strength and mobility, plus the hydrostatic pressure of the water has enhanced recovery on muscle soreness, making it even easier for you to get the most out of your WOD the next day. Aquastrength is a great alternative to losing out on a days worth of exercise, and active recovery has also been proven to help build muscle quicker while continued conditioning occurs.

Increased Muscle Balance and Strength:
The Aquastrength system is a very efficient way to work on balanced muscle strength when you are outside of CrossFit. It gives you the ability to work two opposing muscle groups with each rep. Due to the resistance water provides on both the lengthening and shortening phase of the muscle, the Aquastrength equipment helps enhance dynamic flexibility and strength simultaneously. Having resistance in multiple directions builds balanced muscle strength and also helps reduce the risk of injury or pain when working out.
Injury Recovery: 
Aquastrength programs significantly reduce the stress put on your joints, bones and muscles because of waters unloading property of buoyancy. This makes it a very safe and effective way to exercise and allows people with injuries to start exercising much sooner and with less discomfort. As mentioned above, building balanced muscle strength will also help reduce the risk of injury so you can continue to do what you love!  
The Aquastrength total body bundle or Barbell 360 bundle  are both great tools for CrossFitters to have to help them work on improving their performance and reaching their goals. 

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