Aquastrength Partners with Hexagone Manufacture to deliver innovative Aquatic Resistance Training System across Europe

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Aquastrength is excited to announce that they have partnered with Hexagone Manufacture, expert in swimming pool solutions, to deliver aquatic resistance equipment to the European market.

Aquastrength is an innovative New Zealand based company that draws on cutting edge research to deliver a world class functional fitness system that equips users with everything they need to improve strength, balance, mobility, sports performance and injury recovery. Aquastrength CEO, Troy Elliott says "our equipment and programs are suitable for all ages and fitness levels and can be tailored to the individual depending on their goals.”

Hexagone is a leading European distributor in aquatic solutions with a presence in over 54 countries. "Our company has become essential to swimming pool operators over the world. From London to Melbourne, from Miami to St Petersburg, Hexagone cleans and equips huge numbers of pools across the globe. Since its creation, we remain in the first flight of the pool equipment industry. The company always seeks new axes of development on the way to perfection" said Hexagone Manufacture CEO, Yoann Chouraqui.

"We are excited to be adding to their outstanding range of equipment with Aquastrength aquatic resistant bells, fins and barbells" said CEO, Troy Elliott. "We have customers all over the world adding Aquastrength to their workout regime and partnering with Hexagone now allows us to deliver our products to the European market with ease." ​


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Since appearing at many international trade shows last year, including IHRSA, IAFC, the YMCA General Assembly and the Melbourne Health & Fitness Expo, Aquastrength have been growing their team of trainers worldwide to help them get more people in the water achieving their health and fitness goals. "Our team has grown to include over 50 trainers across 6 different countries, and with their help the Aquastrength system is assisting more and more people in weight loss, coordination, balance, mobility, rehabilitation and injury recovery" said Troy Elliott.

Aquastrength's functional fitness system takes a fresh approach on aquatic training and shifts the age-old perception that is only for the older generation or when people are unable to workout on land. Troy Elliott said "Professional sports teams and athletes have been using aquatic training for years to achieve optimum performance and we are extremely excited to be working with Hexagone to spread that word amongst the European market." "This partnership creates for fans of aqua fitness in Europe unique access to a complete set of the most advanced products for all types of trainings. We invent efficient and enjoyable equipment which at the same time meets all security and resistance requirements and we found a confederate in the face of Aquastrength " explained Yoann.


About Aquastrength: Aquastrength is an aquatic fitness company dedicated to improving the health and fitness of individuals across the world by delivering a complete fitness system consisting of aquatic resistance equipment and programs. Aquastrength is headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand with trainers located in the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Asia, NZ and Australia. Mr Elliott is available for interviews. For more information, visit or contact Marketing Director: Jane Hosking [email protected]

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