Aquastrength Launch Special Breast Cancer Survivor Workout Program

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AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND – October 14, 2015  — Aquastrength, a global leader in Aquatic health and fitness, has announced the launch of a new program designed especially for Breast Cancer Survivors. 

“We designed The Aquastrength Breast Cancer Survivor Program to gradually improve flexibility, strength, posture, balance and overall endurance. This program targets the specific areas that are usually affected with such a diagnosis. The intensity of the workout can be easily adjusted for any level. Research has shown that exercise is beneficial throughout the entire spectrum from diagnosis to recovery. I am excited that this program is now available to assist breast cancer survivors," said Dr Rick McAvoy PT, DPT, CSCS, Director of Health & Fitness at Aquastrength.

In addition to helping raise awareness for breast cancer during the month of October, Aquastrength will be making a donation towards Breast Cancer research for every survivor program, or special bundle purchased. 

"Everyone has been affected by Breast Cancer on some level, whether personally or through a friend or family member. Aquastrength is pleased to be able to help raise awareness across the world and honour those whose lives have been affected by Breast Cancer, as well as celebrate those who are recovering and sharing their story with others," said Jane Hosking, Sales & Marketing Director of Aquastrength. 

The survivor program, along with a special pink breast cancer bundle, can be purchased online and ships worldwide.


About Aquastrength:

Aquastrength is a new aquatic fitness company dedicated to improving the health and fitness of individuals across the world by delivering a complete fitness system consisting of aquatic resistance equipment and programs.

Aquastrength is headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand with local presence in the U.S. and Canada. Both Mr Elliott and Dr McAvoy are available for interviews. For more information, visit or contact Sales & Marketing Director: Jane Hosking 

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