Aquastrength Add AQx Training Shoe To Their Range

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AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND – September 16, 2015  — Today, Aquastrength, a global leader in Aquatic health and fitness, announced their purchase of the AQx Training Shoe from AQx Sports.

AQx sports was founded on the principal that aquatic training could be used to improve athletic performance, decrease recovery time after injury, increase fitness, and change lives. Much like Aquastrength, they developed innovative products to help people reach their goals. Their AQx shoes allow users to transition between strength, power, dynamic loading, recovery, flexibility, coordination, endurance, and rehabilitation exercises, faster and more effectively.

In line with Aquastrength's mission, this acquisition will further enable the brand to provide consumers with the ultimate aquatic training system and reinforces their commitment to improve the health and fitness of all ages and abilities through aquatic resistance exercise. 

Aquastrength’s complete system brings the gym to the water and enables customers to gain strength, lose weight and improve balance, mobility, sports performance and injury recovery through aquatic exercise. The addition of the AQx shoe to their range will provide consumers with a great tool that can be used for: 


  • Enhancing performance and caloric expenditure in Aquatic exercise regimes
  • Deep water running to stimulate running on land without the impact on your joints
  • Shallow water drills and plyometrics to build speed, agility and quickness
  • Rehabilitation and therapy exercises
  • Aquatic Fitness
  • Overall core strengthening


Just like their range of existing equipment, the patented AQx shoe is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. They are designed to stimulate on-land movements while in low-impact or zero gravity aquatic environments. Designed with strategically-placed hydrodynamic fins on each side, the ATS adds 20—30% more resistance to the majority of aquatic exercises at a medium pace. They also have a sticky rubber out-sole that has been rigorously tested to prevent slipping on most pool surfaces. The ATS features a cushioned insole for greater comfort, arch support for stability, and drainage ports to ensure quick drying. These shoes have been proven to increase caloric expenditure by 9% at a sub-maximal level as compared to running barefoot in the water. 

“This investment will add considerable value on our journey to deliver consumers with a world-class system that can be used to help them reach their health and fitness goals more efficiently and in a safe environment. The addition of the AQx Training shoe means we now provide a one-stop-shop for aquatic fitness equipment and programs” says CEO, Troy Elliott. 

Dr Rick McAvoy, Director of Health and Fitness, says “we want to offer consumers the highest quality products on the market and empower them to achieve their goals with the latest functional, evidence based training techniques. With this exceptional new product we can continue to change the way people workout and shift the age-old perception that aquatic exercise is only for the older generation or for when people are unable to workout on land. Professional sports teams and elite athletes have been using aquatic training for years to achieve optimum performance and Aquastrength is now equipping consumers with everything they need to do the same.”

In addition to helping individuals work on their health and fitness, the Aquastrength system is a perfect tool for health professionals, personal trainers and therapists wanting to expand their business. Aquastrength now offers professional training courses designed to equip trainers with evidence based training techniques that will help them train more efficiently, grow their client base and increase revenue.  As they continue to grow globally they are also seeking a select number of Master Trainers and agents for their products and programs worldwide. 


Aquastrength is headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand with local presence in the U.S. and Canada. Both Mr Elliott and Dr McAvoy are available for interviews. For more information, visit or contact Marketing Director: Jane Hosking 

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