Deep Water Push/Pull with Aquastrength Barbell

Posted by Jane Diack on

Taking your feet off the ground and performing an exercise in the deep end is a very different challenge than if you perform the same type of exercise in the shallow end.

In my experience both the shallow end and deep end of the pool offer many benefits and it is more of a matter of what type of pool you work in as well as what type of client you are training.

This deep water exercise challenges alignment, stabilization, endurance as well as overall body awareness.

The client begins with a flotation belt and establishes a vertical position by properly engaging the core musculature with particular emphasis on the gluteals. They then perform a push/pull motion with the Aquastrength Barbell keeping a loose grip on the bar to prevent forearm fatigue and to emphasize proper musculature.

Frequent cueing is needed with this exercise to maintain proper alignment and stabilization especially as the client moves quicker or begins to fatigue.

Incorporating lower body movements such as splits and/or spreads when performing upper body push/pulls are variations/progressions of this exercise.

Dr Rick McAvoy 

Deep Water Push/Pull with Aquastrength Barbell from Aquastrength on Vimeo.


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