Deep Water Multi-directional Running with 180 Turns

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This week in Dr Rick McAvoy's tips and tricks he is talking about deep water, multi-directional running with 180 degree turns. 

In my experience sometimes turning to the deep end of the pool with your client can really increase the challenge. By performing exercises in multiple directions as well as with multiple speeds it allows for less muscle adaptation to occur and can really help break through a plateau.

This deep water exercise helps improve dynamic flexibility, alignment, stabilization, coordination, endurance as well as overall body awareness.

The client begins with long stride running forward with opposite arm and leg motions for 3 strides and then turns 180 degrees and continues the same pattern in reverse but incorporates a reverse fly arm motion and then rotates again after 3 strides. This sequence is repeated. Emphasis needs to be placed on vertical alignment, proper hip extension as well as coordination.

Once the pattern is established then speed and resistance can be added.

Dr Rick McAvoy

Deep water multi-directional running with 180 degree turns from Aquastrength on Vimeo.


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