Foundational Movement Series: Part 1

Posted by Jane Diack on

For the next couple of weeks Dr Rick McAvoy will be discussing Foundational Movements Patterns.

These movement patterns are the basis of Aquastrength’s Training Philosophy.

Our bodies are a complex system that needs to work in harmony to create balanced, controlled motion.  A great way to improve this harmony is to incorporate foundational movements into our exercise programs. When developing our aquatic programs we should focus first on function. We should be using our time in the pool to make sure our clients bodies are 100% balanced and functional.

The 7 Foundational Movement Patterns are:

  • Pushing
  • Pulling
  • Hinging
  • Squatting
  • Twisting/Rotating
  • Lunging
  • Walking/Running

All of us should have general functionality in each one of these patterns just to get through normal daily life (lifting our children, shovelling snow, climbing stairs, mowing our lawn). Most of the time people will become dominant in one of these patterns.This will force our bodies to compensate within the remaining patterns leading to muscle imbalances and eventually injury.

By combining foundational movements with the waters unique properties and Aquastrength equipment, we can balance muscle groups and movement patterns much more efficiently.This will  ensure a fit and functional body that will be ready to meet all the rigors of life.

Stay tuned next week for the first Foundational Movement Installment

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