Aquastrength Ultimate Fitness Bundle

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The Aquastrength Ultimate Bundle includes everything you need to reach all of your fitness goals and improve your overall health & fitness. 

Our bells have been specially designed to further enhance the waters 3-D properties.This means that the Bells can be moved in any direction and provide a smooth uniform resistance to maximize: 

  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Endurance
  • Coordination
  • Speed
  • Power
  • Stability

The Aquastrength Bells also feature a unique handle design which allows the user to have an ergonomically correct hand position that will reduce wrist/forearm and hand strain and allow the exerciser to target the more functional muscles when training. This handle design also allows the user to access the handles from either end having the unique ability to simulate two handed sports specific activities such as a golf swing, baseball swing, two handed tennis forehand and backhand motions.

The Fins are designed for lower body exercise and attach around the calf for a total body workout. They have a four blade design that provides resistance in all directions. The Industrial strength Velcro closure makes taking the fins off and on very easy. The neoprene front sleeve allows for a snug fit and prevents sliding and rotating around the ankle when exercising. The V taper in the design is the first of its kind to provide more comfort to the user when exercising.

The Aquastrength Barbells unique design allows the user to perform a multitude of exercises that focus on dynamic flexibility, upper body, core strength, coordination, balance, rotary stability, power, agility and endurance. The Barbell has one Aquastrength Bell attached at each end to provide multi-directional resistance in the water.