Aquastrength Speed Power Agility Printout

Aquastrength Speed Power Agility Printout

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This SPA program consists of various speed, power and agility drills that will help improve reactivity and activation of the neuromuscular system, which will result in better balance, coordination and faster, more explosive movements.

Improve Sports Performance:
The Speed, Power Agility program will help develop and improve the baseline fitness, movements and reaction necessary to sports-specific skills, making it ideal for those who play sports such as soccer, basketball, rugby or tennis.
Improve Overall Fitness and Function:

Additionally, this program will help anyone looking to improve their overall fitness, core stability and functional strength.

Please note this is a digital download that you will be able to printout immediately after purchase. 

This program uses the AQX Training Shoe to ensure proper form, muscle activation and allow you to push yourself even harder, with added resistance!