Aquastrength Foundational Workout Printout


No equipment? No problem! Aquastrength is committed to improve the health and fitness of individuals across the world, so we have designed a special foundational program that does not require any equipment. Just you and the pool!
The Aquastrength Foundational Workout uses waters resistance to challenge you while burning calories and working to improve your fitness level. It has been designed for anyone who is new to Aquatic exercise, or anyone looking for a total body workout they can complete in the pool without the need for equipment.  It is the perfect workout to complete at home, at a pool party or even on your tropical holiday! 
This workout focuses on functional movements that work to improve your balance, mobility, flexibility and endurance. The programs starts with a dynamic warm up, followed by an upper body and lower body component, before finishing off with some cardiovascular exercises.
Suitable for all ages and fitness levels. 

As you get fitter and want more of a challenge, check out the Aquastrength Total Body Bundle.

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