Aquastrength Dumbbells - Pair

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The Aquastrength Dumbbells have been designed for upper body strength & core training. They provide multi-directional resistance and when used as a pair provide a more extreme workout! 
As the Dumbbells are half the size of the Aquastrength Barbell they can also be utilized vertically or horizontally to provide great core strengthening. 

If you have been looking for something to take your workout to the next level, and provide even more resistance, the Aquastrength Dumbbells are for you! 

Plus, for a limited time get a FREE copy of the Aquastrength Upper Body Workout when you purchase a pair of Dumbbells. 

Single Dumbbells can also be purchased and used  for asymmetrical training as well as core strengthening. 

Available in blue or pink (pink image not yet available). Both colours provide same level of resistance.