Personal Fitness

Aquastrength is the latest in functional fitness, bringing the gym to the water and delivering programs suitable for all ages and abilities.

Whether you are a top athlete looking to gain strength and improve performance, someone wanting to improve mobility or you're needing to recover from an injury - Aquastrength programs and equipment will help you reach your goal. 

Aquastrength programs are easy to follow, efficient and can be tailored to suit you and your goals. Our equipment has been designed to put you in control and let you determine the level at which you work.The harder you push, the harder the water pushes back. Best of all, you only need one set of equipment. No machines, no added weights. 

The water provides unlimited training capability in a natural, buoyant, low impact environment. When the therapeutic effects of the water are combined with our dynamic exercise programs, education and equipment, you can improve: