We are helping gyms and health clubs across the world unlock the full potential of their pool and increase their ROI with the Aquastrength system.

Through our Professional Training and Group Fitness Courses that are offered both online and via face to face, we can equip your trainers with the knowledge and practical experience needed to run Aquastrength Classes and training sessions at your facility.

Upon completion of the training, your club will have access to our wide range of programs that cater to people of all ages and abilities, your trainers will also have the ability to design programs to meet the needs of your clients and run customised classes and training sessions. 

Aquastrength equipment can be used by all ages and fitness levels, meaning there is no need to manage multiple SKUs or stock different equipment to cater for different fitness levels. The user controls the level at which they workout by how hard they push. This also means you can have a class of varied abilities all doing the same exercises and all getting an efficient workout. 

No longer is the pool a place only for the elderly or injured. Our equipment is used by elite level athletes and professional sports teams around the world and is a great tool for you to encourage more people to take their workout to the pool and experience all the great benefits that come from working out in the water.

"After running 2 x 8 week Aquastrength programs (at 2 separate facilities) our income from Aquastrength was $15, 535.80, with our capital outlay for the equipment only costing $1,776.41. We ran 8 classes per week for the first block and 7 classes per week for the second block with a maximum of 10 participants per class."
- South Australia

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