About Aquastrength

Aquastrengths is an International company on a mission to bring the gym to the water and improve health and fitness through aquatic resistance exercise.

We draw on cutting-edge research to deliver world class functional fitness programs that focus on improving balance, mobility, strength, sports performance and injury recovery for all ages and abilities.

Our exclusive range of resistance equipment has been designed by aquatic fitness professionals to compliment our programs written by Aquatic expert, Dr. Rick McAvoy, that will radically change the way you work your body and help you achieve optimal physical performance. Aquastrength programs and equipment will help users improve:

  • Flexibility
  • Balance
  • Strength
  • Core Stability
  • Coordination
  • Recovery
  • Speed, Power, Agility
  • Endurance
  • Overall quality of life

Our range of equipment can be used by anyone to perform exercises that improve movement and performance that translate into everyday activities. Water is the great equalizer and puts you in control, allowing you to challenge yourself as much as you like. The harder you push, the harder the water will push back. Training in the water with our equipment will provide the right amount of resistance to optimize the proper training effect.

Meet The Team

Troy Elliott

Troy Elliott, CEO

Troy Elliott is a talented and experienced entrepreneur that has worked in start ups and listed companies. Troy is a passionate leader and enjoys helping develop individuals find their own path to success. He has been part of the Executive Team from the inception of Aquastrength.

John Pallesen

John Pallesen, Director of Research & Development

John Pallesen is an experienced businessman and perfectionist. This shows in the quality and standard of Aquastrength equipment, he will continue to bring innovation to Aquastrengths portfolio of products.

Richard Pallesen

Richard Pallesen, Chairman

Richard Pallesen is an investor and businessman that specializes in cutting edge start ups. Richard has had international success with the companies he has been involved with and looks forward to Aquastrength changing the way people exercise.

Jane Hosking

Jane Hosking, Sales & Marketing Director

Jane Hosking is our Marketing Director who brings a wealth of experience in Inbound Marketing, Go-To-Market execution and Retail Communications. Jane is extremely passionate about health and fitness and is excited to be involved in changing the way people workout with Aquastrength.

Dr Rick McAvoy

Dr Rick McAvoy, Training Provider

Dr. Rick McAvoy, PT, DPT, CSCS has specialized in Aquatic Physical Therapy for over 25 years. Dr Rick McAvoy, founder of RMA (Rick McAvoy Aquatics) is an official training partner of Aquastrength and develops quality, evidenced based aquatic fitness, rehabilitation and conditioning programming.