Single Leg Squat with Dumbbell Push Pull

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Looking for a new exercise to try? The Single Leg Squat with Dumbbell Push Pull is a great functional exercise that incorporates balance, coordination, flexibility, stability, endurance and motor control.

The client begins with balancing on one leg with the knee slightly bent. The open chain leg is locked into 90 degrees of hip and knee flexion. A resistive dumbbell is held in at the chest with the shoulder blade retracted.

The client pushes the bell forward while the open chain hip and knee moves into extension while performing a single leg squat. The client then returns to the starting position.

This exercise also emphasizes proper hip separation which is a very important component in sport.  Functional activities such as lunging, walking and stairs also use this principal.

This exercise can be broken down and progressed making it appropriate for all age/fitness levels.

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Dr Rick McAvoy

Single Leg Squat with Dumbbell Push Pull from Aquastrength on Vimeo.


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